Want to gain an advantage when choosing where to study abroad? Want to understand a little bit more about the various nations of the world? Start by taking Benin into consideration! Welcome to Eduben360 Consult if your aim is to seek a globally recognized qualification while studying abroad! This article is devoted to explaining why choosing to study here can actually be a fantastic choice, especially if you love the outdoors.

The nation serves as an excellent introduction to Africa in many respects. Traveling around the country is a breeze because to its small size and sophisticated infrastructure. It is a land of lovely beaches, abundant wildlife, and hospitable residents.

The country of Benin is the origin of voodoo and one of the main ports of departure for the more than 8 million slaves who were forced to flee the continent. It also has a rich and captivating history that seeps into modern life to produce a blend of the familiar and the unusual.

Given that the country’s history as a slave state does not make studying here seem like an attractive notion, giving it a shot will be invaluable. If you decide to stay in the south, you can visit Porto Novo, a laid-back capital city, and Cotonou, a slightly hectic but dynamic commercial powerhouse.

Weekends offer the opportunity to request an appointment with the tribal princes of Ajase, Porto Novo’s ancestral name, while touring the palace museum, away from the capital’s lagoon-side setting and palm-fringed Atlantic beaches.

And not just that! You can either take advantage of the country’s small size and good roads to explore the spectacular countryside, which is home to remote towns and gorgeous national parks, or you can travel along the coast to experience the distinctive lives of the Tofinu people at Ganvea bamboo stilt village, sometimes referred to as the Venice of Africa.

Benin’s flagship national park, Pendjari, is home to lions, hippos, and elephants, as well as several bird species. It offers stunning biodiversity without the crowds.

Numerous students who want to study abroad are drawn to this nation. Benin is small in size but not in stature, and it has something to offer everyone, whether they are interested in the untamed northern landscapes, the bustling southern cities, or the common faith and history that unite this nation and its people.

The nation’s booming arts industry has produced magnificent public sculptures and spectacular architecture, which enhance the grandeur of the timber Afro-Brazilian houses of Porto Novo and Ouidah.

The latter is the center of voodoo in Benin and a crucial stop for anybody researching the history of the transatlantic slave trade.

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