The Nigerian Government revokes the recognition of degrees from Togo and Benin institutions.

The revelation was made a few days after an undercover Daily Nigerian investigation revealed diploma racketeering at a Benin university.

The evaluation and authentication of degree certificates from universities in neighboring Benin and Togo has been suspended by the Nigerian government.

This was made public in a statement released by the Federal Ministry of Education on Tuesday morning.

The declaration was made a few days after an undercover Daily Nigerian investigation revealed diploma racketeering at a Benin university.

The decision was made in response to the Daily Nigerian story, according to Augustina Obilor-Duru, who signed the statement on behalf of the education ministry’s director of press and public relations.

“This analysis confirms fears that some Nigerians use dishonest means and unethical techniques to obtain a degree in order to obtain graduate employment chances for which they are ineligible.

The suspension, according to the ministry, is in place till the State Security Service (SSS), the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC), and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education of Nigeria and the two nations get the results of their investigation.

“All countries struggle with the issue of degree mills, which are institutions that only exist on paper or operate covertly without being subject to regulatory oversight.

“FME has been dealing with the issue of illicit establishments that prey on gullible, innocent Nigerians and some desperate Nigerians who purposefully visit such establishments, whether they are overseas or at home. The Ministry and NUC have warned against using these kinds of institutions on a regular basis, and in certain cases, they have even reported cases to security agencies so that they may take action against the offenders.

“The ministry will keep reviewing its plan to close any gaps in policies, practices, and procedures and take decisive action against any officials who are acting dishonestly.”

The Undercover report,

A reporter for Daily Nigerian got a degree credential in Mass Communication from ESGT, a Benin institution located in Cotonou, under the guise of a desperate student, in 2009.

Without having to take any classes or complete any exams, the reporter earned their degree in six weeks.


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Despite having completed NYSC a few years prior, he also enrolled for and was registered to take part in the one-year required program.

The reporter clarified that he just needed to modify his phone number and email address used throughout his service year, despite the NYSC’s claim that there is no way its biometric checks could be exploited to allow the same person to undergo duty twice.



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